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MINH HUNG INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT JSC is the manufacturer and trader of various products of both domestic and international origins such as: GALAXY ***** mattress, pillows, blankets, bed sheet, SP FLEX ***** industrial hydraulic hose, AQUAQUICK 2000, AQUAQUICK 2000 SP, rubber conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt, special steel, abrasive materials, reinforced glass mesh for reinforced grinding wheels,...

Since its establishment, the Company has been always trusted and highly appreciated thanks to its high quality, design, and after sale services.

Among its products, outstanding product line of Mattress is manufactured based on modern technology of Korean and is tested quality by the factory with professional procedures well meeting current quality standards. With a team of young, qualified and experienced employees and professional customer service, our Company has launched into the market product lines of  Mattress under GALAXY ***** brand name including GALAXY R (Rubber), GALAXY SP (Special), GALAXY M (Mousse), GALAXY P (Poly ester); Mattress under SKYPE***** brand name including SKYPE R (Rubber), SKYPE SP (Special), SKYPE M (Mousse), SKYPE P (Poly ester); blankets, bed sheets, pillows, and etc. In addition, we are also exclusive distributor of industrial hydraulic hoseunder brand name of SP FLEX *****, AQUAQUICK 2000, AQUAQUICK 2000 SP, KOREA rubber conveyor belt, Mac Xanh Saw Blade Strips,… tomeet increasing and diverse demand of the market.

With the high-end mattress product line branded GALAXY *****, SKYPE ***** we are committed to providing you and your family a good sleep after every working day, with best price and quality.

Please contact us via Hotline (028)  62 666 333 to get the latest information about price, sales policy and fascinating after-sales program of all the items that we are supplying.

Thank for your trust and use of our company's products.

Yours faithfully,


Dr. Pham Dung

Vision - Mission

MINH HUNG INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT JSC is a company developing in a sustainable and effective manner, aiming at becoming one of the manufacturers and traders of diverse consumer products, and mechanical products,... to meet the increasing demand of customers in both domestic and international scale.

To bring satisfaction to customers through high quality products and services.

To deliver the highest value and prosperity for shareholders, employees of the company, while contributing to the development of the community and society.

1)   Compliance with: The law, rules and regulations, procedures and etc. of the company.

2) Honesty: With customers, partners, other companies and surrounding people.

3)   Professionalism: Devotion and dedication to the work to create the highest performance.

4)   Ethics: Compliance with the setting standards and having acting in an ethical way.

5)  Respect: Yourself, the company, colleagues, customers, and partners and cooperation in respect.

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